What is a Motley Crew?

A Motley Crew is a roughly organised assembly of individuals of various backgrounds, appearance, and character. Motley Crews are non-uniform as a whole. They are typified by containing characters of conflicting personality, varied backgrounds and usually to the benefit of the group.

A Motley Crew will prevail in adversity by using their various specialties, traits, and other personal advantages. Archetypical instances of the “Motley Crew” overcoming adversity are commonly found in fantasy and science fiction. Our products are for everyone and we celebrate unique individuals.

Why choose Motley Crew Body Brew?

Motley Crew products are age-appropriate, specific for tweens. We provide toiletries with the needs of kids between 8 and 13 yrs in mind. Our brand has a fun and fashionable character backed by professional and expert products made specifically for this age group. We aim to provide all you kids with products that are cool and that gives you a sense of ownership – your first step to managing your personal hygene.


What makes our products awesome?

Gentle formulas with Shea Butter & Aloe Vera that moisturises and protects.

Soap and sulphate-free Face Wash designed specifically for your first go at skin care.

Face Wash clinically tested for sensitive skin.

Cruelty free and PH Balanced.

Fragrances, formulas & designs chosen by your generation.


What will our Body Brew do for you?

A range of products you will actually use.

Gently formulated to protect your delicate skin.

An introduction to a good hygiene routine.

A product that speaks directly to you.

 A product that has been designed to appeal to you.


Why stock Motley Crew Body Brew?

There are no other toiletry products for age range.

Raise kids’ cool factor and provide them with a sense of ownership.

When you make kids feel important, it will make you feel important.

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