How to rock your curly, frizzy hair

Do you ever wake up with a flashing, worrisome thought?  Like “Can I get away with my hair today, or has it turned into a frizz ball?” For those of you with hair that likes to twist, frizz, tangle, wave and bend; you know exactly what I’m talking about.


Try not to put a dryer anywhere near your hair. You will end up looking like a lion, but then again some days you’ll want that. Letting it dry naturally is always best for your hair, even if it takes hours. Ideally, don’t sleep on it while it’s damp.


Use a Detangler like the Motley Crew Untangle my Tangle, and use your hand to scrunch up those strands of hair that are threatening to straighten or hang limp. Keep repeating this till it holds itself. This is best done while your hair is wet.


We all know that not all curls hold the way we would like them to and this is where you can cheat at little. Try using a small bit of the Motley Crew Strong Hold Hair Gel. Simply rub into your fingers and then scrunch the curls some more. Often treated or dyed hair tends to lose it’s natural bounce, so the gel helps it stay in place again.

Loose ends

If all else fails, take out the curling wand and fix up any strands of hair that didn’t follow the rest of your locks. 

Benefits of letting go

The benefit of letting your hair go its natural, kinky way is you don’t have to keep fixing it throughout the week. In fact, often curls look their best on day three or four after washing. To keep it neat for the day ahead, I brush out any ratty ends, keeping my brush away from the root and mid-lengths. 

Natural is healthier

Lastly, in a perfect world, avoiding hair dye and heat will do wonders to your curls. Protein treatments can also strengthen your hair and help keep the overall condition and shine.

Curly hair isn’t built the same as its straighter counterpart. It is much weaker, and therefore needs to be taken care of. Make sure you condition it after every wash. We recommend the Motley Crew Head Rush Conditioner, which contains aloe vera and shea butter to keep it smooth and silky.

Lastly, don’t forget to rock your curls!