5 Tips when buying hair gel for your kid

If your child has hit 9 (especially the boys), you’ll be getting nagged for some hair gel to start looking cool! If your daughter dances, then you’ll already be an old hat at sweeping it all back into a tight, neat looking bun.  Either way, there are a few things to consider when buying hair gel. 


What type of hair you have is an important consideration before buying any styling product. Whether you have curly, thin, coarse, fine, or thick hair, choose a gel that’s appropriate to that type.


It’s also important to choose a gel that works for your hairstyle. A dancer, getting ready to perform will be looking for a strong hold gel, whereas many of the boys prefer the tousled, “messy” look that only requires a light- hold gel? (plus they can get away with it in school!)


A product’s hold refers to its strength for keeping your hair in place. A gel with a stronger hold will “set” your style in place, so you probably won’t have to restyle it during the day when a few hairs go out of place. A weaker hold means that you can restyle it (and works well for many “natural” hairstyles). Meanwhile, a medium hold indicates that you can do some midday styling, but nothing too complicated.


Shine means just that, i.e., how shiny your hair is after you’ve applied gel to it. The higher the shine, the more slicked-back your hair will look. Many hair gel brands have a high shine, as do traditional pomades and waxes. Again, it all depends on the look that you’re trying to achieve.


A hair gel’s list of ingredients varies from brand to brand, but keep in mind that many of them contain alcohol. While alcohol often gets a bad rap, it also has some benefits for hair – including that it works as an anti-bacterial agent. Another type of alcohol – fatty alcohol – isn’t an astringent but instead helps to retain moisture on the surface of your skin. Plus, they’ll improve your hair’s overall smoothness.

Many gels are water soluble, which makes them easy to wash out of your hair, and some contain antioxidants. Paraben free is also a good one to look out for.