What is it with Tweens and brands?

One minute we can dress them in what ever we choose and the next, they are demanding Adidas, Nike and the likes! Why the sudden change and the need to stand out?

Well, Tweens (7 – 12 years old) are in that critical phase in their lives where they are looking to role models, people and brands to help them carve out their own identities. Kids are getting older younger and through access to social media and changes in the way families communicate, they are starting to develop opinions and beliefs far earlier in life that will ultimately define their personalities. 

The feeling of acceptance by their peer group and the desire to be acknowledged is of utmost importance to them. A lack of freedom, financial independence and experience, makes it hard for them to develop independent identities. They therefore find solace in being part of a crew (being at school, online or in their community) and seek out like-minded individuals. They are also highly influenced by what they see and hear! Brands that present themselves as cool and responsible, start to appeal to both kids and parents.

And if a brand is able to help them differentiate themselves, acknowledge them as individuals and raise their cool factor, they respond positively (i.e they want it!) Remember that kids value being valued, respect those that respect them, thrive on validation and love people and brands that acknowledge them.

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