Putting the P.U. in puberty

Around the age of 10, you will notice that your sweet, little girl or boy may start to smell a bit worse for wear (and I don’t only mean straight after sport). 

A lot of tweens notice that they have a new smell under their arms and elsewhere on their bodies when they enter puberty, and it’s not a pretty one. That smell is body odour, and everyone gets it. As you enter puberty, the puberty hormones affect glands in your skin, and the glands make chemicals that smell bad. These chemicals put the scent in adolescent!

The best thing to do is to wash daily and start to wear a deodorant.

The Motley Crew Body Wash, smells like coconut, foams easily and is perfect to wash away any dirt, as well as smell. Try getting your Tween to wash at night before bedtime or in the morning before school.

Applying a deodorant daily, will also help mask the smell. If your child is a prolific sweater, then you may want to consider a anti-perspirant, which will control the sweat glands (however, be aware that these contain aluminium, which has been linked to certain medical conditions).

The Motley Crew deodorant range is aluminium and paraben free, safe to use on children and comes in 4 great smelling fragrances. (Vanilla, Flower Powa, Cool Ctrl and Funky Fresh).

They’re gently formulated and perfect to get kids started on a good hygiene path.

Motley Crew products are available in selected Clicks store nationwide and can be found in the Hand & Body aisle or kids section.

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