Why buy local?

Often we hear the phrase “buy local” or “support Proudly South African businesses”  but do we truly understand what that means? And as the consumer, do you understand what it involves and costs to get a product on the shelf?

Well recently, we at Motley Crew were approached by The Human Influence for an interview on exactly this.  When we started up, it was important to us, to ensure that we sourced all of our ingredients through local companies and produced locally too. This supports the South African economy (although it is often cheaper to bring it in via China)

Being a small business, also means that we don’t have the economy of scale that the big brands have (that means cheaper packaging, labels and production costs). On top of that, it costs a lot to distribute and get it into stores, run promotions and advertising, so that people even know you exist.

So, why do we do it?

We love kids and we love brands! It’s simple…..if we as parents couldn’t find any relevant products for our own Tweens, then nor could other South African parents! We want to offer something unique and desirable for Tweens (getting them to wash and take care of their skin is just an added bonus of course!)

But enough reading….check out the podcast below for the full interview.

“Thank you Stella, Luisa and Karen for identifying a gap in the South African market, creating a value chain that impact the lives of many and including all the kids that make up our wonderful rainbow nation.”

Click on the link below to listen to the full podcast. Also available on iTunes and Spotify