Motley Crew gives back

Boy has Covid 19 changed our lives, right? Everyone is talking about the “New Normal”?

We just need to accept that we are going to be walking around with masks on, washing our hands 20 times a day and sanitising wherever we go. That’s all ok if you have a mask! If you have sanitisers? If you even have running water?

But let’s be real. We live in South Africa and that reality is not the case for the majority of our communities. The debate to send out kids back to school has been ongoing, but at least most of us (privileged of course) take solace in the fact the schools have been deep cleansed, our kids will have to sanitise their hands  every time they leave a classroom and that they will practise good social distancing.

But what about all those schools that don’t have money to buy sanitisers? And who’s parents can’t afford to buy their kids masks or hand sanitisers themselves? It’s just heart-breaking how many schools like that exist in South Africa.

Although, we are not a big brand, we are for kids and this plight pulled directly on our heart strings!

So, we partnered up with our good friends at The Village (Facebook: The Village), to ask the community to nominate an underprivileged school in need of hand sanitisers.

The responses were over-wheliming  and in the end, we could only support one, being HILLWOOD PRIMARY in Lavender Hill (

We met up with the principle Mr Alkana and some of his teaching staff, to hand over 50 bottles of the Motley Crew High Five Hand Sanitizers (500ml) last week.

What an incredible job they are doing there. The school was immaculately clean and the hall was ready and spaced out to receive their learners. Many of these school children don’t even have running water at home, let alone fresh masks to wear daily, so they really rely on the support from businesses and individuals alike.

Although small in the greater scheme of things, it still felt good to make a small difference in the lives of these children. At the end of the day, we are all about kids and making them feel special.

Motley Crew High Five Sanitisers are available in Clicks store nationwide or online at or at